FAQs for Little Series Plan

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the Little Series Plan.

Q: How much is the Little Series Plan?

A: For $30USD every 6 months, you will receive $50USD store credit to be used at zno.com towards the Little Series Products. That is a 40% savings!

Q: When do I pay the $30USD?
A: You will be charged $30USD to your credit card at time of signup.  At that time, a $50 Little Series store credit will be added to your account. Then the next payment of $30 will be in 6 months, and will continue every 6 months until you cancel plan. A credit card is required for signup. No other forms of payment such as PayPal or Zno store credit will be accepted.

Q: Do I get a discount on my order if I join? How does the discount work?
A: There is no direct discount applied to your order at checkout for joining this Little Series Plan . The discount is in the $50 store credit received for your $30 payment - a 40% savings which you use towards your Little products order when you complete the checkout process.

Q: When can I cancel my Little Series Plan?
A: You can cancel your plan anytime. But your $30 payment will not be refunded.

Q: Will I lose my store credit if I cancel my plan?
A: No, your store credit will remain in your account even after cancellation. The store credit is yours until you use it or it expires, whichever comes first.

Q: What can I use my store credit on?
A: The store credit can be used on any Little Series product offered in zno.com. Store credit cannot be applied on shipping charges or taxes (if any) collected.

Q: Will my store credit expire?
A: Yes, your store credit will expire in 6 months from signup date. Any unused Little Series store credit will not roll over.

Q: Can I cancel the membership and reactivate later?

A: No, once you cancel your membership, you cannot rejoin at a later time.